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Academic Orthopaedic Surgeon: The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate experience and training in the management of orthopedic trauma appropriate for an academic tertiary care level referral centre, and should be fellowship trained in Trauma with a focus on Upper Extremity. This is a full time faculty position in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University.

Current News

On Nov. 22, 2016 at K-Rock Centre in Kingston, a group of motivated doctors and health care professionals are launching a unique event, called Health City, where, instead of protesting, patients and physicians can meet, interact and discuss health care issues to bring awareness to the public of the growing inefficiencies in the system, the increasing wait times and the concerns with Bill 41.

Health education booths will be set up, e.g. flu shots, medicine reconciliation, Health Care Connect and demos. There will also be panel discussions on health care issues with a Q & A session for the public.

This is an event to highlight the good we can do as professionals while underlining the frustration of providing timely care alongside the growing bureaucracy of the health system.

Change needs to happen! Our health care system needs an overhaul and empowering patients can get the government to pay attention.

It is hoped that such events will be rolled out in other cities to raise awareness to the public across the province.

Health City is a grassroots movement born out of concern on the part of patients, citizens and care providers about increasing difficulty accessing healthcare in our province.

The aim is to emphasize the fact that if something doesn’t change, individuals and their families may not have access to care in the near future.

Campaign Slogan:

“Access to a WAIT LIST is not access to HEALTHCARE”

Health City is a first-of-its-kind event, designed by a committee of 25 community members including care providers, patients and concerned citizens. We endeavor to engage and inform the public about the state of health care in our province so that citizens are empowered to act on their own behalf.

Call to Action:

Attend Health City and become informed about health care and empowered to act:


Upcoming Event

AAOS Annual Meeting 2017: March 14th, 2017 to March 18th, 2017